Why Choose Us

Good quality is our basic line. We have a strong, highly skilled staffs that guarantees each one of our products are made with great quality. We know how important it is to have comfortable footwears, which is why it gives us a warm glow to know that every pair of shoes which leaves our factory has the quality needed not only to be comfortable but also to be a stylish and up-to-date ones.

Trusted Partner

Since 2000, we started to be the trusted brand among thousands of names in the manufacturing industry, but that doesn't make us the same as the others for the reason that we focus on export product demand with enhanced qualities, facilities, resources and technology. We have provided our services to lots of international clients and customers with the best quality products, every single one of them.

Various Product

As a hand-crafted manufacturer of world-class quality footwear, we create a wide-diverse product range from leather to non-leather products such as Pre-walkers/infants shoes, Children shoes, Sandals, Ladies Fashion Footwear, Safety/work boots, Waterproof boots, Firemen Brigade boots. Every category was made by our highly skilled and experienced staffs and also range of production facilities.

Quality Control

From the time materials begin to arrive at the factory, until the moment every shoe is going to leave the factory, we will perform an in-depth quality control check. Our technicians armed with leading-edge material QC processes, ensure that the quality, look and feel meet our specifications. No shoe leaves the factory without undergoing a quality control check.